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Cielo e Terra Winery

fresh logistics global introduces cielo e terra wine from italyFresh Logistics Global is proud to offer Cielo e Terra Winery, in the Colli Berici territory,(Veneto wine region in north-eastern Italy) offering excellent wines in different market segments, thanks to technologies, from vineyards to market.




The Berici Hills (Colli Berici) are a range of ancient volcanic origin rising between Verona and Padua, whose northern slope hosts the City of Vicenza.

The hills' exposure to the sun and mild climate favour almost Mediterranean vegetation, so vine-growing has prospered here for thousands of years.

The Berici Hills have had a vocation for vine-growing for centuries and the survival of autochthonous grape varieties with evocative names such as Garganega, Tai Rosso, Cenerente and Turbiana bears witness to this ancient tradition.

Vine-growers who are group members own over 4000 hectares of vineyards: they are the ones who harvest the fruit of generations of precious, steadfastly accumulated experience.



Cantina La Torre Vineyards

fresh logisics global presents Cantina La Torre VineyardsFresh logistics global: cantina la torre




Racalmuto has always been known as "the land of salt" for its salt mines.

The country is also a place that has a history of ancient monuments and significant result of the cultures that have enriched.
From there they passed, Greeks, Romans, Saracens, Normans and Spanish that will leave important evidence, among which the castle "Chiaramonte". The castle is now a museum exhibition space, is a literary landmark of the park "Regalpetra - Leonardo Sciascia" and soon will house the winery province of Agrigento.

Country rich in monuments, but also churches and convents, also preserves a valuable Racalmuto Theatre 800, designed by a pupil of the famous Basile, author of the Teatro Massimo in Palermo. The artistic director of Theatre of Racalmuto is now entrusted to the writer Andrea empedoclino Cammilleri.

Birthplace of Leonardo Sciascia, Racalmuto appears consistently in the works of the famous writer. We remember, for example, portrayed in "The parish of Regalpetra" and "Sicily as a metaphor."

The country was also a privileged place in the life of Sciascia: Racalmuto fact the writer had a country residence in Walnut C.da.

So Sciascia recalls his house Racalmuto:

"... The countryside was lush walnut: his vineyards was, and is the best wine produced in the district, a strong, sweet wine, one would never end ... and drinking. The landscape is typical of Sicily Internal rocky hills scattered with almonds and olive trees, vineyards ... "

From the country of rooms, today, has risen to the role of Racalmuto country Sciascia.